STSM 2024

stsm 2024 are here!

STSM, or Short-Term Scientific Mission, refers to Mobility Grants that are designed to facilitate individual mobility, enhance collaboration within ERNST networks, and promote cooperation among PhD students, residents, and young researchers pursuing the objectives of the COST Action 19113. COST, or European Cooperation in Science and Technology, is an intergovernmental framework for European cooperation in various scientific and technological domains.

The primary goals of STSM include research coordination, capacity building, and fostering collaboration in line with the objectives of the specific COST Action. Applicants for STSM should possess an e-COST profile and actively contribute to the research coordination and capacity building goals of the relevant COST Action. Eligible applicants are individuals engaged in official research programs as PhD students or postdoctoral fellows, or those employed by or affiliated with institutions, organizations, or legal entities associated with research.

STSM funding does not cover all expenses related to the mission but provides financial support for travel, accommodation, and meal expenses. The grant amount is determined by the STSM applicants themselves, considering the specific costs associated with their visit. The financial contribution during the grant period is subject to certain criteria, with a maximum award of EUR 1,500 per successful STSM applicant. This amount may include up to EUR 150 per day for accommodation and meal expenses, as well as travel costs up to EUR 500. The daily allowance varies based on the country where the mission takes place.

For more details and to apply, interested parties can visit the official COST website at and watch the informative video at Applications are particularly encouraged from PhD students, residents, and young researchers under 40 years of age, both within and outside the ERNST Consortium, who can demonstrate how their participation contributes to the objectives of COST Action 19113.


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