COST CA19113

About ernst

The European Researchers' Network Working on Second Victims


The main aim of the Action is to facilitate discussion and share scientific knowledge, perspectives, and best practices concerning adverse events in healthcare institutions to implement joint efforts to support second victims and to introduce an open dialogue among stakeholders about the consequences of this phenomenon based on a cross-national collaboration that integrates different disciplines and approaches. For all of this, this network is linked with patient safety issues and the impact on the direct and/or indirectly involved healthcare professional.

This Action will bring together for the first-time various disciplines (e.g. clinicians and jurists), backgrounds (e.g. scholars, journalists, in some cases deputies), and organizations (e.g. trade unions, patients’ associations, and governmental institutions) to create new knowledge from a wide range of perspectives. It will be built on existing work and will provide opportunities to re-think local, national, and international legislation, rules, and policies, will promote changes in the curricula of healthcare professions, modify the traditional blame-culture, and broaden the scope of interventions in healthcare.


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