Patient Safety Activities Summer 2021

From our colleagues from Latinamerica here ther are some information about Webinars regarding Patient Safety that have been called “the 17th at 7pm”. At this link you could have more information . The realease time is Brussels 1a.m, nevertheless, people is able to watch them on hold via Youtube Channel.

You could also register at

These are the scheduled webinars:

June 17th
Mrs. Karina Pires
Founder and Director of Operations
IBSP Instituto Brasileiro para Segurança do Paciente (Brazilian Institute for Patient Safety)
Theme: Pandemic: Health Impacts of the Professional on Patient Safety

July 17th
Dr. Jorge Hermida
Foundation for Research and Management of Health Services, FIGESS – ECUADOR
Director of the Colombia and Dominican Republic Program of the Institute for Health Care Improvement, IHI.
Dr. Eghon Guzmán
President Association of Scientific and Medical Societies ASOCIMED – CHILE
Past President Chilean Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics (SOCHOG) from 2006-2008
Topic: Safe maternal and newborn care / Act now for a safe and respectful childbirth

August 17th

Dr. Ana Urrutia B.

Dignified Care Foundation – SPAIN

Creator of Libera Care – Model of person-centered care without restraints.

Topic: Dignified Care and Patient Safety.

September 17th


Topic: Results of the Video Contest: Communication and Patient Safety in 40 seconds”.

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