Management Committee Meeting

April 20- 21st the Management Committee of the Cost Action CA19113 was celebrated. This meeting took place in the middle of the Grant Period because initially, this period would take only 6 months. After the amendment, the initial first period obtained 12 complete months.
This meeting took place via Zoom, the common instrument to keep in contact and hold international assemblies.

Over two days the participants from 24 European Countries and Observers from the USA, Colombia, Chile, and Brasil could debate about the following steps that will take place in the next months. In the middle of the meetings, the four Working Groups had split to discuss the future activities, how to implement the objectives and the deliverables that should be given in the coming months.

In these sessions the Dissemination and Communication Plan was approved, Austria membership of the action voted in favor and the budget for the next six months was drawn up.
The Committee agreed to have at least one meeting per WG, an International Meeting of East-European Countries, the opening of the Training School, and Dissemination Activities as Videos and Publications.

So at the middle of the period, this Cost Action involves 29 countries, more than 5 Observer countries, and 2 International Organisations. It was agreed to continue with the dissemination videos, the webinar Training School for students and young researchers and maintain the online meetings until the COVID-19 crisis stabilizes.

With this meeting, the bases of this first period were consolidated and served to get the participants of the action better acquainted.

Best Wishes!

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