IV ERNST International FORUM (online) – 2nd-3rd, October 2023

The IV ERNST International Forum will be an online event that brings together healthcare professionals and researchers from across Europe to share their experiences, knowledge, and ideas on how to improve healthcare in the region. Scheduled for October 2nd and 3rd, 2023, the forum aims to create an openly inspiring and creative atmosphere for participants to discuss and tackle key challenges in providing optimal care in Europe.

The event will be presented in CET (Brussels time), with a range of workshops, plenary discussions, and expert presentations designed to promote cross-fertilization and new strategies in patient safety. With a focus on promoting collaboration and innovation, the IV ERNST International Forum promises to be an exciting and engaging event for anyone interested in advancing healthcare in Europe.

We are excited to see the IV ERNST International Forum continue to grow each year and move forward in its mission! Subscriptions are open now! Join us for an inspiring and creative atmosphere that promotes collaboration and innovation among healthcare professionals and researchers.

Stay tuned for more information and get ready to be a part of this exciting and engaging event for anyone interested in advancing healthcare in Europe!

iv forum program - cet (brussels time)

October 2nd - Monday

YouTube Streaming link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cd9ClFz8FjA

– 13:45 – Welcome ceremony, chairperson Prof. Marius Ungureanu (Romania)

– 14:00 – Inaugural Conference. Caring for healthcare workforces well-being, by Mrs.Penilla Gunther (Sweden), EUPSF President, chairperson Prof. Marius Ungureanu (Romania)

– 14:30 – WGs updating, summary of activities done and in progress by WGs leaders, chairperson Prof. Susanna Tella (Findland)

– 15:00 – World coffee workshop I. The role of directives facing with the second victim phenomenon, chairperson Prof. Einav Slurovici (Israel)

– 16:15 – Speakers Corner, young researchers and fellows describing their studies (European and beyond), chairperson Prof. Bojana Knežević (Croatia)

1. Ivana Skoumalova, Slovakia: Qualitative research on psychological safety in Slovakia

2. Filip Mustac, Croatia: Experience of the team for psychological help for employees in UHC Zagreb

3. Ivana Zimonjic, Serbia: Raising awareness of the second victims phenomenon in Serbia through social networks

4. Anatoliy Gocharuk, Ukraina/Norway: Studying the motivation of medical staff for
work and psychological help in extraordinary situations

– 16:45 – Today’s summary, chairperson Prof. Massimiliano Panella (Italy)

October 3rd - Tuesday

YouTube Streaming Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4NbEhkz3Kvg

– 13:00 – World coffee workshop II. Experiences in other industries preventing the impact
of higher stressful situations,
chairperson Prof. Kris Vanhaetch and Dr. Deborah Seys (Belgium)

– 14:15 – World coffee workshop III. Initiatives promoting I+D on well-being, and resilience
of the European healthcare workforces,
 chairperson Prof. Sandra Buttigieg (Malta)

– 15:15 – Roundtable. Cross-fertilization between current EU projects by their chairs, Carina Dantas (Chair COST Action NET4Age-Friendly), Carola Orrego (Chair SAFEST), Noemia Bessa (Chair COST Action IGCOORD), chairperson Prof. Paulo Sousa (Portugal)

– 16:00 – Today’s summary, chairperson Prof Massimiliano Panella (Italy)

– 16:10 – Closing conference. New strategies in Patient Safety, by Dr. Martin Weber (WHO European office in Athens), chairperson Prof. Andrea Gecková (Slovakia)

– 16:40 – Closing ceremony, Prof. José Mira (Spain)

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