International Meeting & WG4 Meeting

On April 26th and 27th, the International Meeting of Working Group 4 and WG4 meeting was held online.

The first day was dedicated to the International Meeting, which was attended by leading researchers of the United States and our action chair Prof. José Mira.

Prof. Mira, from Fisabio, Spain, opened the meeting with a presentation of Safety culture, resilience, and legal certainty. Then the Prof. Wu from Johns Hopkins University, USA, continued the meeting with his lecture about RISE (Resilience in Stressful Events) peer support program.

The last lecture was given by Prof. Stephen Prat and Jackie Evuoso from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center of Boston, USA. They discussed implementation of a state-wide peer support pilot program.

At the closure, the panel discussion gathered the lecturers mentioned above, Prof. Sandra Buttigieg and Dr. Julia Prentice.

The following day, the Working Group Meeting discussed a plan about how to identify facilitators and barriers to change regulations and curricula on second victims through primary and secondary data emerging from different European countries at different levels, then the findings were exposed and at the end, the discussion emerged about the planning for Training School in 2022.

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