International Forum March, 15-18th

Last March, 16,17, and 18th took place the International Meeting Forum Caring for Caregivers. This International Forum was followed by around 1700 people from different countries, especially Latin American countries.

At least 20 Spanish and Portuguese countries from 3 continents were involved. The title of this International Forum was Caring for Caregivers, lessons learned from COVID-19 pandemia, in a reference to the theme line that was how we could improve patient security enforcing the cares of healthcare professionals.

It was distributed in three days during which we were able to enjoy various conferences, workshops, and round tables of experiences.

The first day was March 16th, from 19:00 to 21:30 hours (GMT+1). In this beginning, we could follow the welcoming from José Mira, Paulo Sousa, Susanna Tella and Yolanda Agra from Health Spanish Ministry. Then we could enjoy the conferences of Jesús Aranaz, Facundo Jorro from Argentina, Elena Bohomol from Brasil, Piedad Serpa and to close the day Haggeas da Silveira Fernandes from Brasil.

Besides the first workshop took place, led by Adela Zabalegui from Hospital Clínic de Barcelona.

The next day, in the middle of the forum the first round of workshops took place. A total of 10 workshops were developed and repeated the next day.

The rest of this day was completed by the Table of Experiences, formed by Mery González Delgado from Colombia, Juan Limo from Peru and Patricia Campos from Brazil. The finale of the day lied on José Joaquín Mira, chief of the ERNST Action, with his conference The second victims of SARS-CoV-2.

Finally, on the last day we could hear the conferences of Rodrigo Poblete from Chile, Paulo Sousa from Portugal, Nikhil Gupta from the WHO, he gave an interesting lecture about the WHO Plan of Patient Safety and the lecture of our Science Officer giving a vision of COST action.

If you were not able to follow these conferences they are available at the Forum’s site

We continue informing you of our next steps. See you soon!

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