First Call of the Scientific Term Short Mission (STSM)

The First Call of the Scientific Term Short Missions STSM is now available. These are the last moments to apply for it!

STSM facilitates Reserarchers from COST Countries participating in COST Action 19113 to go to an institution or research centre in another participating COST Country to foster collaboration and to perform empirical research. We particularly welcome applications from PhD students, residents, and young reserarchers, both from within and outside the ERNST Consortium, that explore and explain how their participation can contribute to the COST Action 19113 objectives.

While ALL researchers from member countries can apply, as  a rule, priority will be givben to applicants that guarantee long-term involvement in the action (e.g. Action Members and MC Members) and must take into account COST inclusiveness and gender-balance criteria.

YOu can check the STSM Host at the end of the post for the action potential for an STSM collaboration in particular domains related to the action and its working groups, but the application is not restricted to hosts in this list.

Registered here:

Important dates:


Deadline for applications to be submitted: March, 31st, 2022

Notification of application outcome: April, 11th, 2022

Period of STSM: between May 16th to June 30th, 2022


Note: this period could vary if the places are available to do it.

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