ERNST Management Committe & V FORUM 2024

We are pleased to announce the key dates for the ERNST Consortium 2024 Management Committee and V Forum. These events represent crucial opportunities for collaboration and knowledge exchange among our members. The Management Committee and the V Forum will take place as scheduled.

This year, they will be held in Belgrade, and we look forward to seeing you there. Further details will follow shortly. We look forward to your active participation and contribution to these significant events!

Management comMittee - sep 2nd

9:30 Welcome. Prof. Marina Odalović

9:45 ERNST Key Data Insights and Milestones and Final report. Prof. Reinhard Strametz and Prof. José Mira

10:15 ERNST closed Budget. Prof. José Mira

10:45 Sharing ideas for sustainability of the Network. Promoting self-paced online course and other ERNST resources. Prof. Marius Ungureanu and Prof. Paulo Sousa

11:30 Official photo and Closing

11:45 Coffee break

12:45 Lunch for the Core Group

v forum ernst consortium sep 2nd & 3rd

September 2nd, 2024 – Day 1

14:15 Welcome. Prof. Marina Odalović, Prof. José Mira and CNC in Serbia

14:35 Overview about Patient Safety and Second Victim Support in Servia. Speaker Prof. Valentina Marinković

15.30 ERNST new contributions to the field of Second Victims, deliverables achieved, and examples of positive changes from the countries. Speakers: leaders of ERNST WGs

16:00 Debate with ERNST experts on second victims’ impact on second victims

18:00 Official Dinner


September 3rd, 2024 – Day 2

9:30 Keynote Comparing Successful Peer Support Interventions: Examining Positive Experiences in Different Sectors and Industries. Speakers: Prof. Kris Vanhaecht and Prof. Massimiliano Panella

10:30 Skills and Competencies of Peer Supporters. Speakers: Prof. Paulo Sousa and Prof. José Mira

11:30 break Lunch

12:00 Navigating Legislation Impacting Second Victims: Accomplishments and Hurdles. Speakers: Sandra Buttigieg and Prof. Einav Srulovici

13:00 Break

14:45 Closing Conference Speaker: Redefining Capacities: Legal, Educational, and Attitudinal Shifts to Support Second Victims. Speaker Prof. Albert Wu

15:30 Official photo and Closing Ceremony. Speakers: Core Group of ERNST

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