Core Group Meeting

Last 5th November ERNST Core Group held a meeting to define the lines of action of the different working groups (WGs) and to present the first advances made in Scientific Communication and Short Term Scientific Missions (STSMs). The meeting was performed online due to the actual health situation, and it was the starting point of the first grant period which conforms between November 2020 and April 2021. 

The participants in the session were the leaders of the different WGs, the manager of the Scientific Communication, the coordinators of the STMS and the Training School (TS), the chair and vice-chair of the action, and other support staff. 

During the meeting, Dr. Susana Tella presented a first draft of the Communication and Dissemination Plan and Dr. Bojana Knezevic introduced some ideas for the future implementation of the STMS. However, STSM will not be held during the first grant period due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So only online meetings and dissemination actions will be performed during this period. In this regard, the Core Group agreed to organize 4 international forums and one Management Committee (MC) meeting. Also, each WG will hold two organizational meetings at this time.

The working session also served to set the principal budget for this period, the logo proposals, the structure of the webpage, and the plans and deliverables for each WG which will be developed until April.

List of participants: 

  • Marius I. Ungureanu (Romania) – WG1 leader
  • Deborah Seys (Belgium) on behalf of Kris Vanhaecht (Belgium) and Massimiliano Panella (Italy) – WG2 leader
  • Paulo Sousa (Portugal) – WG3 leader
  • Lucia Prihodova (Ireland) – WG4 leader
  • Sandra C. Buttigieg (Malta) – WG4 leader
  • Bojana Knezevic (Croatia) – STSM Coordinator
  • Sofia Guerra (Portugal) – Training School Coordinator
  • Sussana Tella (Finland) – Science Communication Manager
  • Irene Carrillo – (responsible of the CA19113 Initial Survey, Spain)
  • Reinhard Strametz (Germany) – Action Vice Chair
  • José J. Mira (Spain) – Action Chair

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