Conference “Patient Safety Appointment”

Last 5th December, there was a conference online with our partners of the University of Santander in Colombia, in order to exchange some aspects. Recently CA19113 action has received a new international member Colombia. Dr Piedad Serpa invited our chair José Mira (COST European Researchers on Second Victims) to give them some learned lessons about the Patient Safety.

The program was called “Patient Safety Appointment” and it was a meeting monthly space to generate evidence, share knowledge, opinions, experiences and lessons learned. This initiative is the result of the collaborative work of the Patient Safety Knowledge Network, the University of Santander, the Growing Up Foundation, the Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla and Colsubsidio clinics in Bogotá.

Appointment with the Patient Safety, is a strategy to promote and help from the academia to health institutions in the implementation and strengthening of good practices in patient safety in the region of Latin America and the Caribbean.

The second victims, an agenda developed on 4th December, in which. Maria Cristina Arreguez of the National University of Catamarca, Argentina, and José Joaquin Mira, participated, highlighted the advantages of implemented proved interventions programs such as RISE or ForYou, also during the COVID-19 outbreak, the importance of institutional support, and the challenge it means for institutions and academics to overcome the silent barriers around adverse events.

This participation would be included in our plan of dissemination and new bond creation plan. This type of work is developed by Working Group 1. This monthly call allows the action to exchange and have an updated relationship with other colleges. Besides, it can also allow enrolling new members to the action. So we hope to continue with this line of international meetings with the purpose of enlarging our action.

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